Thursday, January 23, 2020

Amor y Amistad FREE Printables

I know what you’re here for so I’ll be brief. Is it easy to find printables in Spanish? No, it is not. So, when I needed valentines for my son’s preschool class a few years ago I came up with these cuties to stick a Duvalín to. I tried using glue dots to attach the candy to the valentine and it didn’t really stick so I used a hot glue gun haha. Make sure to print onto card stock and not regular printer paper for the best results. If you don’t live near a dulcería, grab some Duvalín from Amazon Prime HERE.

That same year we were invited to the wedding of a couple whose first language was Spanish, so I wanted to find a cute card for them and meh, wasn’t impressed with what I found at the store so I made this one up in Photoshop and now it’s my go to for weddings. I thought this would be sage advice for a new married couple, that food is a love language and can solve a lot of problems haha. Feel free to use it as a way to remind the people you love what is really important to you lol.

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