Monday, January 6, 2020

Día de Reyes 2020

Since marrying my guapo we have always celebrated Día de Reyes, but pretty low key. We have always had rosca de reyes with friends and usually some chocolate abuelita to go along with it. Since having kids we have continued with the rosca tradition, they just get to tag along now while we celebrate with friends. This year I wanted to make it a little more special for them, so for the first time ever the Reyes Magos will be stopping by our house with some treats. Here are some of the things we have done this year to make the holiday more special for the kids:

1. I have to start with the tradition we have always stuck with, because it’s delicious, and that’s la rosca de reyes. We usually order one from a local panadería but this year we got a less than traditional one from a local small business, Te Cielo Cafe, and it was easily the best rosca we have ever had. It had a Nutella filling you guys, I mean seriously...can it get any better? If you are Utah County local and want to order from them next year here is their IG account.

 I think my kids’ favorite part about la rosca is the muñequito. One of their favorite things to do is save the muñecos, so I started having them make roscas out of play-doh with their little muñecos hidden inside. What a hit! They were able to happily play for at least an hour, which is a huge win in our house.

2. Last year we read one book that touches on Kings’ Day, The Bakery Lady/La señora de la panadería, which I loooove because it’s main focus is on la rosca de reyes. The main character helps out at her abuelos’ bakery and after finding the muñeco in her piece of rosca, plans a neighborhood party with the help of her family members. I wanted to add some other books this year and pretty much took every available book from my library. These are the ones worth mentioning, they are very different, which I like, and gave me different ideas on how to celebrate since there are so many different traditions.

  • The Fourth King: Haven’t heard of the fourth wise man? Me neither, but his story is so touching. He missed out on the chance to travel with the other three to bring gifts to Jesus because he finds opportunities to serve others along the way. Great tie in to the scriptures at the end for those of you wanting to incorporate the Bible into your traditions. 
  • ¡Vivan los reyes magos!: Three siblings celebrate el Día de Reyes but participating in a neighborhood reenactment then celebrate with family. The Reyes visit during the night and the following morning is spent playing with their gifts and eating la rosca.
  • ¡Ya llegan los reyes magos!: A family prepares for the coming of the Reyes by going out in search of pasto for the camels and writing letters to the Reyes Magos asking for specific gifts. 
3. In preparation for the arrival of the Reyes this year I asked around a bit to see what is customary and got a lot of different answers but most people put their shoes out, some put out water and grass for the camels, some set out treats for the Reyes to eat. In keeping with simplicity I just had the kids put their shoes out, mainly because the water and grass sounded messy and it’s too cold in Utah to put the shoes outside I think. I saw somewhere that it’s customary to have the kids clean their shoes before setting them out and I was alllll for that tradition. My 3 year old daughter was so excited she couldn’t wait for me and proceeded to clean her shoes in the bathroom, at the kitchen table and in the living room while I put the baby down for a nap, ha ha. There was water everywhere, but her intentions were so sweet I let it slide. Before bed the kids put their shoes by our Christmas tree and then hurried off to bed.

4. On Instagram, my friend @babydevotions shared a super cute idea she had adapted from another activity, where the Reyes follow a path to the star and the kids have to find objects of certain colors in the room along the way. LOVE. My participating children are 3 and 6 so this activity was great for them to practice tracing a line and color recognition in Español. It was also SO easy to throw together last minute, which is my jam. I got 2 feet of butcher paper for around .50 and just drew everything on with a sharpie and some markers we had on hand. This would be such a cute activity to do in small groups in a preschool/kinder classroom. If you want to make it fancy you could print out some clip art images but I am eternally out of printer ink, so there’s that. I copied what I put onto my butcher paper in a drawing app so you can get an idea of what I did without seeing the hand drawn version my kids got haha feel free to print it out and use it to your heart’s content!

5. We are Christians, so it was important for us to show a video about the wisemen following the star to Jesus and showed this non-denominational one on YouTube. I think it is extremely well done and brought me to tears, it was so powerful for me! The video is pretty long so I have it set up to start playing at 11:31 when the Reyes start their journey.

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