Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Mis 12 Uvas

A pretty common Hispanic tradition for New Year’s Eve is to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight. Each grape represents one month of the new year and one hope for the new year. We didn’t participate this year because we were in someone else’s home and they didn’t have any grapes so I wanted to take a minute and write out my 12 deseos for 2020. I would love to hear what you have planned for this year in the comments!

1. Pay off half of my student loan debt Now doesn’t that sound like fun? (Insert eye roll) I have been on a pay as you earn plan since 2012 and the payment was $0, so they were basically out of sight out of mind. I feel an urgency to get them paid off so this year I am hoping to pay half, about $6,000. I am grateful its not more than that, I have heard some crazy numbers for student loan debt. I am grateful I could work almost full time for most of my college education, but its time to be free of the burden.

2. Be in tune with my body Most of the last decade was spent either pregnant or nursing so I haven’t put my own health first for a long time. I want to get active so my joints won’t ache, drink more water to fight off headaches, sleep when I feel tired instead of trying to stay up late for more me time.   Every body is different so I want to be able to pay attention to the signals and rest when I need to and push myself too.

3. Read 100 books I have always been an avid reader, until I started having kids. this year was probably the first year I have read more than one adult book in a year and I am hooked again. I hope to watch less TV and spend more time buried in a book. I think this example will be a huge game changer for my kids and couldn’t come at a better time. I will be using this free chart from Everyday Reading to track it.

4. Explore Utah We have officially been here for a year and I think it’s time we get out more. There is so much to explore here but the top of my list are the arches and the salt flats. If you know of any other great places to explore please let me know!

5. Cook more Mexican food I have always been scared to make Mexican food because my husband’s expectations will be high but I was to get out of my comfort zone and learn to make delicious Mexican dishes for my family. I have attempted a few, and I have made tinga for years because it’s so easy, but I want to branch out.

6. Volunteer at the school I always wanted to be that mom who is available to help out in the classroom but last year just didn’t work out. I am stressing out about the possibility that my oldest won’t get into the dual immersion program next year since students are chosen by lottery, so maybe if I am down helping at the school more they will see how dedicated we are to the program and its success and we will get in. (Crossing all the fingers and toes)

7. Speak Spanish more at home This is always the goal, but my kids are starting to respond more positively to us speaking Spanish so I need to run with it. We speak Spanish always within certain settings, mainly social and church settings, but at home we slack so next year I need to do better and also provide opportunities for them to learn in Spanish.

8. Less screen time This is extremely difficult for me because I work from home on a computer, I have this blog and the companion IG account to run, but I want my kids to see less of me in front of a screen. I think working in the morning before they wake up, or finding a time to go work outside of the home at the library or something will make a huge difference.

9. Weekend getaway My husband and I reallllllly need a weekend away from the kids. It’s hard to plan because we don’t really have any family to leave the kids with but we have been blessed with incredible friends who have become our family and several have offered to take them for a weekend. I hope this is the year I take them up on their offer and finally spend some quality time with Abe.

10. Take a family trip I am not sure where yet, we have family due for visits in Illinois, Texas, Arizona and Mexico so it’s hard to decide who to see when we can really only do one trip this year. Regardless of where we go I really love taking road trips as a family and am grateful the kids do pretty well.

11. Host a party I love social gatherings and have no trouble hosting them, but have shied away from it recently because our space is not ideal. I want to push past that frontera and host a gathering that works with our space. I saw several people hosting favorite things parties around the holidays and that looked like a blast so I want to do that this year with some of my girlfriends.

12. Abundance We spent New Year’s Eve with an older couple and it was a night I won’t soon forget. They told us the incredible story of how they came from Mexico with nothing, lost everything several times but learned along the way. Today they live in probably the nicest house on our block and you would never guess the struggles they have faced. He said the secret is your mindset, and prayers if you’re religious. We usually seek out what we need, pray for what we need, but we are worthy of abundance and should seek after it. I love that and want to change my mindset this year and seek abundance!

Alright 2020 I am ready and coming for you! I hope everyone else is feeling at peace with the coming of a new year and ready for abundance!

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